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Lists Of The Most Popular Male Idol Groups According To Japan Line Survey, Knetz React

Knetizens Reactions:

1. BTS is crazy. This is why Johnny’s is trying so hard to imitate BTS

2. Kinki Kids is still popular. I really liked them when I was a kid

3. BTS is amazing, they surpass all Japanese singers

4. I wasn’t surprised to see BTS, but what happened to Tokio and Kinki Kids?

5. BTS’ popularity is amazing, but Tokio is amazing too

6. BTS’ popularity is crazy

7. I live in Japan, but when I go to the convenience store, there are a lot of things related to BTS, and the people around me even know the BTS members’ names, even those who don’t care about K-pop

8. I think I know Japanese idols so well, but I’ve never heard of Tokio

9. BTS is a foreign group but they are #1 among women of all generations

10. Why is there no Arashi? You said they stopped promoting, but I think they’re still promoting with an English single. Isn’t Arashi always at the top of this survey?


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