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“Looks A Bit Anti-stylist” Knetz Complained About Red Velvet Yeri’s New Hair Style

Knetizens thinks Yeri does not suits this type of styling. She’s seriously pretty but I feel like what she likes and what suits her are completely opposite

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It just that she haven’t been able to find her own style because she has been referencing other celebrities.

2. The stylist looks a bit anti-stylist. Because of the jacket, the shoulders look wide, and only the waist looks thicker because of the ambiguous exposure.

3. She is short and her neck is short and thick, so she need to cover her neck as much as possible

4. Even if the style doesn’t suit you, you’re so pretty

5. We only live once, let her do what she wants to do

6. This kind of styling looks so much better, what a shame

7. She has styles that don’t bring out her best features so it’s a shame

8. Me too, I get stressed because the style I like and what suits me are completely opposite. I like those feminine and cute outfits? But I don’t suit them

9. How the hell did she even debut?

10. It’s like a daughter wearing her mother’s clothes


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