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“Looks Exicted” Knetz React To NCT Renjun’s New Look

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I saw it yesterday and was shocked

2. It’s crazy haha Of course it’s Renjun

3. Maybe it’s because he is growing his hair, so he is not in shape these days.

4. Looks excited

5. The more he look, the cuter and more adorable.. Our Renjun is always happy.

6. Seriously people really hate Renjun. Anyone who hates him, I’ll come for you

7. That’s crazy. But it’s obvious because it’s Renjun

8. Me too, I saw him yesterday and gasped

9. Maybe because he has a long face, but his perm looks insane on him lately

10. Our Renjunie, he came from so far and entered the company through dancing but right now, he became reliable vocal in the group. You can tell that he loves NCT DREAM more than anyone else. Renjun said this recently during the DREAM show ‘We’re not going anywhere, we’re right by your side’. Until recently, because of NCT DREAM’s system, their future was so uncertain, and Renjun understood that some fans might turn their backs against him and leave, but during the DREAM show 2, he said that this is really the start of NCT DREAM and said so many things that he wasn’t able to say until now. He’s admirable and lovely. Please look forward to Renjun prettily in the future! This year, they released their 2nd full length album Glitch Mode and their repackage Beatbox, I’d be thankful if you gave them a listen!


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