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“Looks Like Egyptian Queen” Knetizens React To BLACKPINK Lisa Photos At The Bvlgari Event

BLACKPINK Lisa’s journalist pictures at the Bvlgari event

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Lisa’s necklace is worth 350 million But I can only see Lisa’s face

2. Seriously, I get why she’s a celebrity

3. I personally think she’s the prettiest in BLACKPINK

4. Lisa is seriously pretty in real life, I’m not kidding, I’ve seen a lot of idols in real life, but Lisa is the prettiest among female idols, I bet

5. I’m so jealous of girls with small faces like Lisa…

6. OH MY GOD! She’s not human… Is she a doll?

7. Like the egyptian queen

8. She looks like some kind of Egyptian empress… she’s pretty

9. So Gorgeous

10. Look at the collarbone.