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LOONA Chuu Discusses How She Wasn’t Paid by Her Agency

People are condemning BlockBerry Creative in a theqoo post after learning from LOONA Chuu that she wasn’t paid for all of her activities and endorsement deals last year.

Discord Between BlockBerry Creative And LOONA Chuu
There have been numerous reports about LOONA Chuu’s problems with her present employer, Blockberry Creative. For the entire year of 2021, one of them is not compensated for the task she has completed. She admitted in “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” that it was one of the causes of her stress-reduction routine.

She admitted to the doctor that she had no income the previous year. Even though she wanted to consume new foods, she was unable to do so since she lacked the funds to do so.

As a result, she developed the habit of consuming a large quantity of food all at once rather than slowly. She even admitted to her pals that it is her only means of decompressing from her current stress.

She claimed that the simplest method for her to feel better was to eat. She didn’t have to work very hard to pick up a spoon and eat.

LOONA Chuu also revealed to the psychologist that she frequently visited the ER from May of 2017 until May of 2022 due to gastrointestinal problems brought on by consuming a lot of hot food at once.

Dr. Oh offered various strategies for Chuu to better control her eating habits as a result. The LOONA member thanked the doctor and said she would

LOONA Chuu also told the doctor that she had been putting off concerns until she talked about her situation. She believes that as a result, she will be able to identify some solutions.

LOONA Stress Caused by Chuu’s Bright Personality in Front of the Camera Another source of Chuu’s stress was having to constantly smile and act happy even though she was very depressed.

Since being an idol was Chuu’s ambition, it was initially entirely acceptable and simple for her to be beaming in front of the cameras and the audience.

As time goes on, she comes to realize how lonely and isolated the act is. She genuinely feels abandoned when she is home alone, especially around the holidays. The LOONA member claims that it appears as though she has lost all sense of direction.

Chuu initially made the decision to consult her mother for guidance after isolating herself because she believed something was wrong with her. Her mother, however, simply advised her to finish the situation and go on.

She grew distant from her mother as a result since she didn’t feel like she understood what she said. Chuu thought that even if she understood what her mother meant, it still wasn’t enough.

Then, during the show, she sobbed and admitted that it was the darkest time in her life.

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