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LOVELYZ’ Lee Young-ji Leader Of ‘BABY SOUL’ Appeared On SMTM, Knetz React

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She’s good at singing so I believed that she fit the vocal role perfectly but to think that she joined her company as a rapper…

2. I knew her as the main vocal so this is shocking

3. Shocking

4. Oh finally, she’s going into rapping. Fighting

5. She originally entered Woollim as a rapper so I’m not surprised. But seeing her on SMTM is shocking

6. Wasn’t she a main vocal?? Hul maybe because she’s so good at singing, her pronunciation is good

7. This is surprising. I knew that she was a good singer all this time but you’re telling me that she raps too?

8. I thought that Baby Soul’s voice color is pretty charming but she was a rapper? Seeing how she was picked for her rapping skills, she must be an even better rapper than singer wow

9. Seems like she’s even better at rapping. But since she’s also a good singer, I really hope she succeeds

10. I didn’t even know that they were doing SMTM 11


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