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‘Luxury Bags’, What Makes People Buy Them? Knetz Discuss

Spending wisely is important but individual has what he or she spend money on, buying luxury bags is a choice to those who love luxury bags… Knetz are saying their opinion on why some people prefer buying luxury bags.


Not just the wealthy middle class or wealthy people with billions or hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. Just ordinary ordinary people . It’s just a bag, so why buy a luxury bag..?
Is it simply because of the desire to show off and be pretty?
Wouldn’t it be better to save money to buy several luxury bags and collect more real estate?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I don’t even care about luxury bags. Still, I don’t know why other people buy it. what are you doing

2. Did you buy it as a gift for your mother? Her husband bought it for me as a gift. Someone must have bought it as a gift for him.

3. I am a person who has no interest in luxury goods, but I don’t care whether other people buy expensive things or not, whether they bought it with money or not.

4. I’m just asking such a question because it’s hard to make a living. Kids who can’t afford to spend money on other things, and who focus solely on survival, try to make money unconditionally because these are hobbies and things they want to buy and eat because they are all luxury. They think that luxury goods are not worth the investment compared to their high price. You see everything as money. Happiness is a luxury for such children to survive

5. After all, no matter how much luxury goods here, everyone who carries them is carrying them. They all lived out of line with you

6. It’s living I don’t have much money to buy, but it’s funnier to fake it..

7. I hate people who say they are out of fashion if they carry luxury goods other than this type of person. What should I do? I’m pretty so I’m going to carry it

8. Why do you buy a foreign car? They say there are a lot of men who drive foreign cars while living on a monthly rent basis. In that way, the car only needs to roll, so it doesn’t matter whether you get on a truck or a small car. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a luxury bag or a zipper bag ? Luxury watches, it’s too much of a shame to leave all your clothes behind and just pick up your bag.

9. The psychology of buying luxury bags varies.. When I didn’t know about bonded bags or domestic brand bags, I found out that they were copies of luxury designs. Unless I create it myself creatively, it is difficult to avoid copying the luxury bag. But I don’t have the talent enough to design a bag. Anyway, yes.

10. I am a woman, but I am not interested in luxury bags, I am very interested in luxury watches.


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