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Many People Grin As Kim Chaewon Of LE SSERAFIM Engages In Brief Interactions With Her Admirers.

Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM’s brief exchange with her fans made many people smile.

A recent video of Kim Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM chatting with her fans on an internet community forum received a lot of attention. Fans were seen recording a black automobile with its windows partly down while yelling LE SSERAFIM member Huh Yunjin’s name. Suddenly, a small voice shouting, “I’m Chaewon!” could be heard coming from within the vehicle. The admirers happily smiled at Kim Chaewon’s adorable reaction in return. Many internet users who saw the video smiled at the brief exchange between Kim Chaewon and her followers.

Below is a video of Kim Chaewon interacting with her fans.

Internet users responded by saying:

Kim Chaewon said, “Ah, lol.”

“LOL Unreal She has such a nice voice.”

Ah, she’s so adorable.

“Chaewon is so adorable—why? LOL.”

“Additionally, the fan reactions are hilarious. LOL.”

Why do I keep watching this again?

“really adorable LOLLL.”

“Both Chaewon’s reactions and those of her followers are adorable. LOLL.”

“So frickin’ cute, ahh. LOL.”

“TTTT Her voice is very adorable.”

“Hahahaha, Chaewon. Even the responses from her supporters are adorable. Watching this is extremely addictive.”

“Really, why is Chaewon so adorable?”

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