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Members Of LE SSERAFIM Dazzle Internet Users With Their Precise Group Choreography

LE SSERAFIM’s streamlined and precise group choreography captured internet users’ attention.

For their comeback single, “ANTIFRAGILE,” LE SSERAFIM debuted a dance practice video on October 21. The next day, online users began expressing their admiration for the group’s tidy and precise performance. “In any frame, their moves are all in sync,” one of the online users wrote in a post.

“I didn’t know how much I loved perfectly synced group choreo,” other online users joined in.

“In my opinion, they are the most coordinated 4th generation idol group.”

They have this much precision in their group dance, and I believe they are the only female idol group to do so.

“HYBE artists are known for this,”

“I like how no one is making an effort to stand out by performing the dance move incorrectly.”

“This is really impressive, I can tell they practiced a lot,”

“Girl groups from Source Music excel at ensemble choreography. GFriend and LE SSERAFIM first.”

“While performing, nobody stood out. Given that Sakura could not dance at all when she was on Produce, I am especially impressed with her. I have no idea how much practice she put in.”

View the practice dance video above, then share your thoughts in the section below.

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