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Military Of Defense Is Taking Adequate Of BTS Even After Enlistment, Knetz React

After enlistment, military of Defense is trying to take advantage of BTS

Ministry of Defense “If BTS wishes, they can participate in public service events after enlisting”

Ministry of Defense, “If it is for public service to the nation, or for national events or performances which benefit the nation, BTS will be given the opportunity to participate in performances and activities should they wish.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. BTS is really pitiful. Leave them alone, bastards

2. They use BTS’ overseas fandom to make money and pretend to give them opportunities

3. Bastards, is this what they really want?

4. Please let them live their military life in silence, don’t tell them to do anything else

5. Why do they treat BTS like celebrities? No, please treat BTS like normal soldiers

6. They go to the army because they are ordinary young men, so treat them like other soldiers

7. I’m tired even though I’m not a fan

8. Stop it, stop it!

9. They mean they’ll let BTS work like slaves

10. Leave them alone, seriously… I’m sick of the Ministry of Defense


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