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Minji, Wonyoung, Yoon, And Sullyoon, Which Is The Best Visual Born In 2004? Knetz Debate

Knetizens are debating on which among these female idols is the prettiest in 2004 born.


Who do you think is the top visual born in 2004? Please tell me your personal opinion

Newjeans Minji

IVE Jang Wonyoung


NMIXX Sullyoon

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They’re all pretty lol. They’re not the same, so they have a taste. They all have different features.

2. Minji of New Jeans doesn’t seem to like Minji.

3. My standard Minji’s makeup was lightened, so she’s plainly pretty

4. They’re all pretty, but my preference is Yoon

5. Jeongseok is Seolyun, innocent is Minji, and trendy is Jang Wonyoung.

6. 03, 04 Female idols are the prettiest, especially 04 is the line that continues the 94 legend.

7. No one can beat Jang Won-young. The only female idol that really suits the word

8. Unconditionally Jang Won-young

9. Min-ji is just plain pretty at her age, but I’m Jang Won-young and Jae-yi

10. In my eyes, Minji is the prettiest


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