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Most Popular Wedding Bands In Korea (Wedding Rings) – Knetz

Knetizens are talking about different kinds of most popular wedding rings in Korea.

What is a wedding band?

It means a simple design wedding ring, not an engagement ring studded with diamonds that you receive when you propose.

1. Tiffany & Co – Mill Grain

2. Cartier – Love Ring

3. Bulgari – B-Zero One, New B-B

4. Chopard – Ice Cube

5. Tasaki – Piano Ring

6. Boucheron – Quattro Ring

7. Chaumet – Be My Love

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Tiffany & Co, Chopard, Chaumet are my favorites

2. Chaumet is pretty

3. I have one and it doesn’t fit because I’m fat.

4. Chaumet is pretty but expensive ㅠㅠ I tried the B-Zero One, but it was too thick and uncomfortable. I think Boucheron would be similar.

5. Chopard Chaumet

6. I wanted to buy mil grain, but it didn’t look pretty, so I called it B My Love.

7. The Boucheron 2 string is pretty.

8. Chaumet Be My Love is so pretty, but it doesn’t seem to suit my fingers

9. Be My Love and Ice Cube Johnye

10. I really wanted to try the Boucheron, but the price is the price, but I gave it up because they didn’t suit me too well


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