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Mother Hwasa “Just before our concert, I nearly left because of my anxiousness.”

Mamamoo Hwasa acknowledged that she nearly left the venue right before the concert because she was feeling uneasy.
Mamamoo made an appearance on the Oct. 8 episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros.”While marketing with Mamamoo in Japan for about a month, I had to get ready for music show stages for ‘TWIT,’ said Hwasa, who was in the height of her powers at the time. I was unable to manage it at the time since it was so challenging. I requested a day off since I was so exhausted, but the CEO advised me to work harder in situations like this. I was appreciative of that.Hwasa said, “Members are always precious,” to show her affection. I experience anxious sensations occasionally. This time, it arrived too suddenly before our concert. I had no idea what to say. It’s okay, the members assured me while I was on the verge of mental collapse. You are capable of doing it. It was both touching and heartbreaking. I nearly fled at that point. It was the members who made it possible for me.