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“My Future Son-in-law” Knetz Said BTS RM Has A Sexy Look Nowadays

Knetizens are discussing that BTS RM is looking sexy these days

Knetizens Reactions:

1. He has good physique, he’s so smart, he has a good personality, he has it all

2. He’s so cool

3. This is the sexiest

4. When you see him in real life, he’s really tall. He’s big, his legs are long and slim and his face is small… and the atmosphere is different… He’s so sexy

5. Namjoon is seriously good these days. He was good before, but he’s especially good these days

6. Why is he so tall?

7. Ahh, that video interview is going crazy

8. RM has an aura that comes from his intellect, sexy physique, and tone of voice.
9. My future son-in-law

10. Namjoon seems to suit all hair colors well! Even with bleached hair, his face tones are not bright, such as platinum blonde, blonde, gray, mint hair, pink, and fluorescent hair, but it is because he is handsome