‘Mysterious Atmosphere.. So Good’ Park Sunghoon In White Tshirt And Jeans K-Netizens React

The dog is pretty, wear a white tee everyday

N hyphen Sunghoon

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Pretty white goo

2. Please wear open sympathy often, Sunghoon-ah

3. Actor-like atmosphere

4. Mysterious atmosphere.. so good

5. White ball

6. If you want to see pictures of outdoor fans, you need to lower the screen brightness. It’s because of Lasik… . My eyes hurt because it feels like I’m looking at a fluorescent light ㅠ But seeing it a few times in real life, I’m really white, but I looked yellow ㅠ

7. There seems to be a lot of blank space like Giselle

8. Can’t I just write something like this on the fantalk that only fans don’t see?

9. It looks better on video

10. You’re handsome, but someone please tidy up your eyebrows a bit


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