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Nam Tae Hyun Arrested For Drinking And Driving In Gangnam, Knetz React

The police have detained Nam Tae Hyun for driving under the influence.

Nam Tae Hyun is said to have parked on a roadside in Gangnam, Seoul, on March 8 at around 3:20AM KST. He is claimed to have crashed into a passing cab while opening his automobile door, but he continued to drive for another 20 meters. According to reports, the door opening caused damage to the taxi’s right side mirror.
Nam Tae Hyun was given a breathalyzer test by the police after they were called to the scene. He was discovered to have a blood alcohol content of 0.114%, which is sufficient to have his license suspended.

Nam Tae Hyun has been charged with breaking the Road Traffic Act, and police are currently looking into the accident’s specifics.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wasn’t he caught last time for doing drugs with Seo Min Jae? How is he still out in society? Shouldn’t he be in jail?

2. People won’t stop drinking and driving until you start treating each case like a murder trial. Throw them in jail no matter what..

3. Test him for drugs too. Now when I see scandals, I’m immediately wary of any drug involvement, especially with celebrities.

4. He’s always getting into the most. Go hard on the punishment with him. Make him an example for the other celebrities.


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