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[Naver Voting Results] Who Will Get The Rookie Of The Year Award? Knetizens React

Knetz React As Naver voting results for the Rookie of the Year award is out

1. IVE – 71%
2. NewJeans – 22%
4. Kep1er – 1%
5. NMIXX – 1%

Knetizens Reactions:

1. IVE will get both the Rookie of the Year award and Daesang

2. It’s only been 2 months since NewJeans debuted, but the number of votes is higher than expected;

3. Girl groups are doing well this year, it’s good that there are a lot of good songs to listen to

4. I think IVE should get both the Daesang and the Rookie of the Year award

5. Personally I hope NewJeans gets it

6. Giving the Rookie of the Year to NewJeans and giving Daesang to IVE

7. IVE debuted this year?

8. For some reason, I think NewJeans will get the Rookie of the Year

9. If IVE doesn’t get it, it’s crazy

10. If you give Daesang to IVE, you must also give them the Rookie of the Year award


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