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NCT Mark vs The Boyz Sunwoo Who Has The Best Visuals? Knetz Debate

Knetizens are arguing who is the finest between NCT Mark and The Boyz Sunwoo. I think they both look good.

NCT Mark

The Boyz Sunwoo

Who has the better visuals and raps better??

Knetizens Reactions:

1. To be honest, I never thought that Mark was handsome, but when I saw SuperM’s Jaffing Mark, I almost did it.

2. Sunwoo is never mentioned in hip-hop community.

3. As someone who has sucked on both.. Mark for rap, Sunwoo for visual

4. I don’t like them both, but I think Sunwoo is better in visual and Mark is better in rap.

5. Who is seonwoo? Who are you comparing with Mark?

6. I don’t know about rap skills, but Sunwoo’s rap style is more attractive.

7. Both are good

8. Aren’t you humiliating Mark?

9. I’ve watched all the high school rapper seasons, Muggle, but Mark’s rapping skills are overwhelming. Visuals are Sunwoo.

10. In terms of visuals, Sunwoo wins


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