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NCT Taeyong Flaunts His Relationship With Miyeon Of (G)I-DLE

In recent days, the relationship between the K-Pop artists Taeyong from NCT and Miyeon from (G)I-DLE has gone viral due to an act performed by the male artist that exemplifies their friendship in the best possible manner.
This well-known South Korean singer celebrated the victory of the female group in the music programs with the theme ‘Queencard,’ who, after completing their promotion, were able to win the show ‘Music Core,’ and also, some time later, honored their great accomplishment.

During the victory of ‘Queencard,’ many artists celebrated the triumph of the idols by dancing to the song, but the cameras were focused on Jungwoo and Taeyong, who were performing the choreography with the members of Stray Kids on the opposite side of the stage.
Fans and netizens remarked that Taeyong appeared to have memorized the dance steps of the musical theme with Miyeon, as he was able to execute them with a level of precision that astonished everyone.

In addition, the video of the #QueencardChallenge created by the two K-Pop artists became a trend on social networks, demonstrating the great talent and dedication of Taeyong and Miyeon to their interpretation, as well as their good relationship.

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