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NCT’s Haechan Astounds Fans With His Outstanding Career Accomplishments At Just 23 Years Old.

Netizens were astounded by NCT’s Haechan’s outstanding career accomplishments at only 23 years old.

On November 1, a user of the internet made a post titled “HAECHAN’S CAREER….IS SERIOUSLY DAEBAK” in an online discussion forum. The netizen included a screenshot of Haechan’s web page, which displayed the amount of albums and songs he had released thus far in his career. Many were astounded to learn that Haechan, who is only 23 years old, has already released 50 albums and 307 songs.

Online commenters said:

“Is this actually about Haechan from NCT? How did he manage to put out 50 albums already?

He participates in two separate unit groupings, which is why.

He is active in all of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT as a whole.

He must have great endurance and memory.

The fact that Haechan is only 23 years old is simply legendary.

Wow, he must earn a fortune; he’s young and wealthy.

Is it even conceivable? Insane…”

“Touring with two groups and promoting in two unit groupings…

If I were doing it, I couldn’t. I would simply lay down on the ground. He is incredible.

We are extremely proud of you, TTT, our baby. So beautiful, TT

But how is it that he has 50 albums? How…?”

Amazing, wow. He’s only 23 years old, which is…

To think that he can memorize all the choreography is just amazing.

He has such incredible endurance, and he can remember all the postures and choreography for their concerts.

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