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Netizens Are Unsure If TWICE’s Nayeon Will Complete Her Education.

Internet users questioned whether TWICE’s Nayeon actually needed the degree after noticing that she had taken a leave of absence from her institution.

Why Isn’t Nayeon Dropping Out of University? was the title of a forum post created by a netizen on October 18 KST. Nayeon is a student at Konkuk University, but she has been on leave of absence for a considerable amount of time, the netizen noted, along with a screenshot of her background information as it was written in an online source. The netizen questioned why Nayeon doesn’t just drop out of the competition given her long period of leave, her incredibly good job as a member of the top girl group TWICE, and her extremely lucrative career in the K-pop industry.

The commenter on the internet said, “Wouldn’t it be better if she just dropped out? She already hit so big that it’s pointless for her to attend university anymore.”


Myungwon Elementary School in Seoul (graduated)
Middle School for Girls in Sungdeok (graduated)
High School Kang Dong (transferred)
High School Apgujeong (graduated)
– Konkuk University (Department of Video/Movies/Leave of Absence)”

Internet users responded by saying:

On the other hand, is there a justification for her to withdraw?

“Wow, she went to Konkuk University, and she studied brilliantly.”

“Nayeon studied hard, too,” you ask.

If you take an extended leave of absence, won’t you be expelled?

“Nayeon has been at college for such a long time—wasn’t it when she was 21 when she initially enrolled?”

“How did she get into such an excellent school?” one could ask.

She truly has no need to discontinue attending Konkuk University, but having a college degree is still beneficial.

“I had no idea she attended college.”

“Can’t Nayeon take a leave of absence too? The non-celebrity Korean YouTuber Soongsil studied for ten years.”

“TWICE can still earn a college diploma even if further promotions halt.”

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