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New Jeans Danielle Marsh Profile, Age, Real Name, Family, Net Worth 2023

About Danielle Marsh

Danielle is a dancer and singer from South Korea. She is the vocalist and dancer for the South Korean female group NewJeans, which was founded by ADOR. She gained notoriety as a member of the girl band NewJeans.

She was born in Australia and spent her first three years of life in South Korea. In 2020, she returned to Korea to work as a trainee for 2.5 years.


BIRTH NAME: Danielle Marsh; Mo Jihye

BIRTH DATE: April 11, 2005

BIRTH PLACE: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


Danielle Biography

Early Life And Career

South Korean parents—a Korean mother and an Australian father—gave birth to Danielle Marsh on April 11, 2005 in Gyeonggi-do Munsan-eup. The eldest child, she is young.

Till the age of 7, Danielle worked as a child model in Korea. As a little girl, she appeared on television frequently and recorded commercials. She appeared in the 2011 tvN television program Rainbow Kindergarten and the 2012 Shinhwa Broadcast produced by JTBC. She used to go by the name she had been given in Korean

Danielle spent her formative years hopping between South Korea and Australia. Her global audition for HYBE was successful in October 2019 when she was just 14. South Korean parents—a Korean mother and an Australian father—gave birth to Danielle Marsh on April 11, 2005 in Gyeonggi-do Munsan-eup. The eldest child, she is young.

Danielle Marsh Quick Facts

Danielle was born in Australia’s Newcastle, New South Wales.
Her mother is Korean and her father is Aussie.
Gyuna/Olivia is the name of Danielle’s sister, who is roughly five years her senior (she was born in 2000).
She is bilingual in Korean and English.

Danielle modeled for children and appeared in a number of TV shows, including Rainbow Kindergarten, Jesse’s Play Kitchen, My Heart’s Crayon, etc.
She is a member of the Hampyeong Mo clan, and only 20,000 people in Korea have the surname Mo.
Early in 2020, she started her training.
She goes by the monikers Dani, Mo Dani, Sunflower, Marshmallow, and Pucca Danielle.
She would listen to IU’s “Through The Night” if she could only listen to one K-pop song for the rest of time.
She is so passionate about surfing that she wants to create a club with Hanni.
She is compared to Kim Yoojung, many claim.
She enjoys painting, drawing, swimming, listening to music, and interacting with the group as a hobby.
When she was very little, Danielle has been a swimmer (She swam a LOT).
She has a routine of putting on her socks before going to bed.
The veggies, fruits, and Korean food that her mother prepares are some of her favorite foods.
She wants to go on a picnic with the group the following time, visit theme parks, act on stage, camp, and cook.
She enjoys going shopping, swimming, spending time with animals, going camping, paragliding, seeing sunflowers, and watching the sunset.
She attended the elementary school in Munsan.
Since she is the group’s sunflower, the hashtag #Sunflower serves as a representation of her. – Her favorite color is yellow, but she also appreciates vibrant hues.
Fall and spring are Danielle’s favorite seasons.
If she weren’t an idol, she would work as a YouTuber or in another creative field.
Dark Choco Knight is her preferred Baskin-Robbins flavor. If she were an athlete, she would participate in rollerblading, horseback riding, and swimming.
“Cookie” line ” ” is her favorite section.
If Danielle were to shoot an advertisement, she claims she would feature sunglasses.
She would turn into a zombie if zombies appeared.

Danielle Marsh Parents

The mother is a university administrator named Danielle Marsh, who was born in 1977. John Burn, a scientist and geneticist, and Linda Burn are her parents.

Danielle Marsh Net Worth

Danielle’s estimated net worth is $500k, according to reports, as a result of her work with the group and as a songwriter. She also earns money from several brand endorsement contracts, NewJeans advertising, and other sources.

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