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New Jeans ninth, Aespa eighth The ranking of views for Kpop female idols’ MVs is shown here.

The female Kpop idol music videos on YouTube with the highest views are being discussed by Korean internet users.
On the Korean forum Instiz, a piece titled “Ranking the view count of recent MVs from Kpop female groups” was published on October 12. According to the list, NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” and “Attention,” which have racked up 12 million and 29 million views, respectively, respectively, are in 10th and 9th position.

“Girls” by aespa, which has received nearly 100 million views, is in eighth position. With about 110 million views apiece, “Fearless” by LE SSERAFIM and “After Like” by IVE are in seventh and sixth, respectively.

ITZY’s “Sneakers,” which has over 110 million views, and IVE’s “Love Dive,” which has approximately 150 million views, respectively, occupied the fifth and fourth spots.

IVE-Love Dive in itzy
Finally, BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” (160 million views) is in third place, while (G)I-“Tomboy” DLE’s is in second place (170 million views).

The song “Pink Venom” by BLACKPINK, which has received 370 million views as of this writing, holds the crown.

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