‘With Just Seolyoon, Nmixx Wins’ New Jeans Vs Nmixx, KNETZ Argue

New Jeans has good proportions Recommended Nmix has good proportions
Who do you like?
Espa Carina Winter Twice Nayeon Red Velvet Black Pink Jenny Winner BTS V Jungkook Tubatu N Hyphen The Boyz NCT Kids Girls Seventeen Nmix ITZY Le Seraphim Stacey Ive Jang Won-young Capler J-Hope

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. I brought only the pictures of Nmix that didn’t come out lol lol I like your proportions better than yours

2. With just Seolyoon, Nmix wins.

3. Nmix didn’t take pictures well, and they took pictures in a pose that didn’t show up.

4. Nmix can’t come out with a picture like that, so New Jeans is better

5. I like New Jeans better, but Nmix’s head is too big.

6. For idols, face and height are more important, but what do you do with proportions? Taeyeon, who was a popular member of Soshi, was short in height at 158 but had the greatest fandom, and Wonder Girls were all in the early 160s, TWICE Nayeon and Nayeon were popular members Blackpink Jennie in the early 160s Red Velvet Irene in the late 150s Winter early 160s, but they are all popular members ㅋㅋ

7. New Jeans just got attention by promoting Min Hee-jin’s girl group +Hive agency hahahaha….; Are you group 1? Melon has lost the number of users these days, so it’s not fair to say that it’s better than Nmix.

8. Comparing only with article photos, New Jeans definitely has good proportions.

9. Female idols wear high heels, but is that the proportion that they are fat? can’t even compare

10. Comparison posts are useless, I just want the two groups to become close


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