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Newjeans Haerin Profile, Age, Real Name, Background, Boyfriend, Net Worth 2023

About Haerin

Gyeongsangbuk-do Gimcheon, South Korea, welcomed Haerin into the world on May 15, 2006 as an only child. She went to Gwiin Elementary and Pyeonchon Middle Schools for her education. She belonged to the radio and television club. Throughout school, Haerin was well-liked. She was well recognized for being charming and being extremely attractive.

In October 2019, she was successful in the HYBE worldwide audition. She began her training when she was 13 years old, in middle school, for roughly 2.5 years.


BIRTH NAME: Kang Haerin

BIRTH DATE: May 15, 2006

BIRTH PLACE: Gimcheon, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5′ 6″

Aerin Biography

Early Life And Career

South Korean singer and dancer Haerin. She is the vocalist and dancer for the South Korean female group NewJeans, which was founded by ADOR. She gained notoriety as a member of the girl band NewJeans.

Ador debuted the new girl group NewJeans on July 1st, 2022.

Five individuals make up the group: Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. The group’s “Attention” music video for their first single was released on July 22.

She is a young woman who is gorgeous, attractive, talented, and hardworking. She has an excellent physique. Young people love her a lot. She resembles a Barbie doll. Her build is slim. Her appearance makes her appear younger than she actually is. Her hair is golden, and she has grey eyes. She has elegant straight silky hair, gorgeous eyes, and a captivating appearance.

Haerin Quick Facts

Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do is where Haerin was born.
She was raised in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, despite the fact that she was born in Gimcheon.
As the only child, Haerin spent her childhood alone.
Dog named Banggeul-i is raised by her family.
Members of NewJeans claim that Haerin is jovial and erratic but, when she truly gets to know someone, becomes a very kind friend.
She claimed that her curiosity drives her to like discovering and learning new things.
Haerin was a popular student who was quiet and had a wonderful personality, according to her former classmates.
She enjoys clear skies and a gentle wind.
Because she believes that music may understand her feelings and comfort her, Haerin enjoys listening to it a lot.
She claimed that if she becomes fixated on a certain song, she merely keeps listening to it until she grows weary of it.
She enjoys strolling while enjoying music.
Avocado is her preferred fruit.
She reportedly favors hues with blue undertones.
Early summer and winter are her favorite times of year.
Mint-chocolate and Hawaiian pizza are her favorites.
She has large, rounded eyes.
She is often compared to cats by admirers.
Several people believe that Haerin and the manga character Tomie are similar.
Her absence from school didn’t occur until the second year of middle school.
She lived as a trainee from the age of 13 till January to February 2020 for almost two years and seven months (second year of middle school).
Haerin recalled how she joined the after-school broadcasting program when she was in elementary school.
She talks with a Gyeongsang-do dialect accent.
Hanni and Haerin share a residence.
Haerin allegedly got cast on the sidewalk in front of her school before beginning her training with the organization.

Haerin Boyfriend/ Dating

Who is Haerin dating? Huge numbers of people become fans of Haerin. She is renowned for having a gorgeous beauty. She enjoys spending time with her siblings and friends, according to reports. She shares no details about her partner. She most likely isn’t dating anyone (as of December 2022). Also, our team will look for information on her personal life and will update this section as soon as they can.

Haerin Net worth

What is Harvin’s estimated net worth? The entertainment sector is how this attractive woman makes her living. As a member of NewJeans, she also receives a decent salary. She lives a normal life in South Korea. It’s estimated that she has a $1 million net worth

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