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NEWJEANS Hyein Is Not Popular, Knetz Wonder

Hyein doesn’t seem to be as well-liked as the other members, and she also doesn’t seem to have many devoted followers.

The top 2 are Haerin and Minji, followed by Hanni and Danielle. It doesn’t seem like many people like Hyein.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Not really.. NewJeans has a lot of fans, and a lot of people who love Hyein

2. But honestly, thanks to her, NewJeans’ charm stands out… She has her own unique vibe

3. It’s because she’s the ugliest member in the group

4. They are NewJeans, but are you worried about not being popular?

5. She’s still too young, so as soon as she becomes a high school student, everything will change

6. She has a model face and YG vibes, so NewJeans’ style doesn’t suit her. When she was in elementary school, she looked much more attractive in her school uniform, bunny hat, long black hair, and Jennie’s style makeup

7. I only watched their stages but didn’t watch their shows or their own content so I don’t know much about the members’ personalities or charisma, but to be honest, I think she would have been more popular if she hadn’t had choppy bangs when they just debuted. She looks so pretty without bangs

8. She has a model face, now her face is still a baby face so her facial features are not outstanding. But I think Hyein will get prettier in the future

10. When I saw NewJeans for the first time, I was attracted to Hyein


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