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NEWJEANS Minji And NMIXX Sullyoon, Which Face Do You Like The Most? Knetz Debate

Knetizens are debating on which face they like most between NewJeans Minji and Nmixx Sullyoon




Sullyoon and Minji are in the same class at Hanlim Arts High School, who’s your favorite face? Both have very different faces Which face do you want to be?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I can’t choose because they are both pretty

2. I like both of them, but Sullyoon is really.. Among celebrities, I have to say that she looks like a celebrity, but she can’t imagine being a normal person. She looks so unrealistically pretty.

3. Sullyoon is pretty too, but I have a pure and innocent mood for Minji, but it’s really hard to have a gorgeous side.. Black hair like seaweed suits her well

4. Even if you ask Minji, the answer is Sullyoon.

5. Her face isn’t flashy, so I envy a gorgeous beauty like Sullyoon.

6. Wow, I haven’t seen it in detail, but Minji is very pretty.

7. Sullyoon has jewels in her eyes, how pretty

8. Sullyoon really looks like the main character in a cartoon haha She resembles Sandara Park haha

9. Minji is pretty, but I don’t think she’s comparable to Sullyoon…

10. But let’s take a picture of the difference with or without makeup


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