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NewJeans: Who Do You Like The Most? Who Looks The Prettiest? Knetz Discuss Once More

They all look amazing…..Knetizens are still confuse whom to pick as the prettiest among NewJeans members because they are all beautiful. Yet, Knetizens have their own choice.. Below are Knetz choices…

Knetizens Reactions

1. Minji is my taste, but everything is pretty

2. Hyein… she’s so pretty

3. It’s Haein… I saw her for the first time today, yes
anyway, it’s pretty

4. Haerin and Hyein

5. Minji, Haerin

6. Minji… My taste… I want to propose to you (I know it won’t work) ㅠ…

7. Haerin is such a cute cat..

8. I love Hani and Haerin so differently

9. I’m Hani! I love all of Go Minji’s bread sauce

10. I think Minji is the prettiest among idols..


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