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“No Eating Etiquette” Knetizens Condemn Jo Yuri’s Eating Habit

Knetz are reacting to Jo Yuri’s eating habit,saying it is very ugly and lack home education

Knetizens Reactions:

1. This is why table top education is so important

2. There’s no eating etiquette, ㅠ That’s all home education.

3. In the first place, they were close friends who ate and slept together, but whether they bite, suck, or eat with each other, what kind of home education they had or what did they do with their gabos. If it’s dirty to eat that one bite, your parents got sick and died early when you were feeding and raising them

4. That’s Jo Yuri’s mistake

5. It’s not even an individual lunchbox that you eat alone, and it’s against eating etiquette to put down what everyone eats in an empty space without food. Are you going to throw it on the original plate? What don’t your parents say?

6. When adults see them in the old days, they hit their ears. Why do they eat while shaking their legs?

7. Home education…

8. I don’t know about meal etiquette… Why throw what you ate?

9. That’s right about the etiquette education issue.

10. If you didn’t learn home education properly, you’d have to be black. No matter how pretty or famous a celebrity you are ㅡㅡ I guess you’re not shy, but stupid? I think I can see why there are more and more strange people on the streets. There are things that are embarrassing to criticize wrong behavior. If this expands, it will even come to the point of protecting the human rights of criminals more than victims. It’s okay to be wrong, even if it’s small. It’s natural to be big.


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