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‘NO’ G-Dragon And Jang Won-young Accused Of Dating, Knetz React

G-Dragon and Jang Wonyoung are rumored to be dating

On the 6th, G-Dragon posted on his Instagram account, “Thank you for the lovely gift”, and also posted a photo of the gift he received from Miu Miu. Under the phrase ‘lovely’, a sticker of Jang Wonyoung has been added, suggesting that they are dating


Big Bang’s G-Dragon (34, Kwon Ji-yong) and Jang Won-young (18) are controversial as rumors about their dating have surfaced.
Recently, articles have been posted on online community bulletin boards that raise suspicions that G-Dragon and Jang Won-young are dating. Recently, the two showed their suspicions that they appeared at Paris Fashion Week wearing similarly styled outfits.
Jang Won-young recently appeared in the Miu Miu 2023 S/S collection as ambassador wearing a jacket with 4 pockets at the top and bottom. It drew attention because it was similar to the cardigan that G-Dragon showed off at Paris Fashion Week, which was caught a while ago. There was a reaction that it was somewhat strange that the Ambassador appeared wearing out-of-fashion clothes, saying that this outfit was 6 seasons old.
According to officials, this was not Jang Won-young’s clothes six seasons ago.
An official told Star News, “The products Jang Won-young wears are products from the Miu Miu Holiday 23 collection that have not been released yet, and will be unveiled through a campaign in November.
A recent post by G-Dragon on social media also fueled the dating rumors with Jang Won-young. On the 6th, G-Dragon posted on his Instagram, “Thank you for the lovely gift,” and posted a photo of the gift he received from Miu Miu .

Under the phrase ‘lovely’, Jang Won-young’s sticker was added to suggest that they are dating.

As a result of checking Star News, it turned out that Jang Won-young’s sticker is a sticker that appears when you search for ‘Miu Miu’ on Instagram Stories

Knetizens Reactions:

1. One of the dumbest dating rumors I’ve seen this year

2. Are you kidding me? Wonyoung is still a kid, what are you talking about?

3. Are you crazy? Jang Wonyoung is a minor

4. What the hell is Starship doing? Please sue those who spread rumors about Jang Wonyoung

5. What are you doing with a minor? You’re crazy.. Leave Wonyoung alone

6. No, don’t curse at GD, GD is also a victim of this dating rumor

7. When did the dating rumors start?

8. The age difference is too big. Who started the dating rumors?

9. What are you doing with a kid? What is the age difference?

10. Reporters are crazy too?


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