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“Nonsense Love”, Park Min Young is currently dating Mr. Kang, President Of Bithumb, Knetz Gossip

Knetizens are discussing about actress Park Min Young dating a rich man that may happen to be Mr Kang the president of Bithumb….


“He may be the president of Bithumb”… Park Min Young is in a secret relationship with a mysterious rich man.
Park Min Young is currently dating Mr. Kang. Some media outlets even suspected that Mr. Kang may be the hidden owner of Bithumb

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Why are you dating a guy like that?

2. What’s wrong with Park Min-young? That person is older

3. That’s how these guys make money

4. Wow, politicians are outraged here too

5. I think there’s something big about it.. The dating rumors don’t seem to matter.

6. That’s just nonsense love

7. Wow, no respect for society… Am I the only one who thinks weakly..? Originally, people who sold drugs used to sell drugs while going around clubs and boasting about their wealth…

8. Ha, why are you meeting people like this? Money isn’t everything. First of all, I hope that Park Min-young was also scammed of her image by that man while building a career and earning money.

9. It’s a Thai business.

10. The fact that a person who sells phones and went to a club becomes the president… It’s amazing


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