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Oh My Girl Mimi, “I’m Setting Aside My Only Advertising Revenue To Construct My Own Home… Luxury Items Are Only There For A Brief Period Of Time.

15 October 2022: latest update one minute read
Mimi, a member of Oh My Girl, discussed her desire to own a home.
The October 15th episode of MBC’s entertainment programme “Omniscient Interfering View” featured “Baby Mimi,” who appeared to be even younger than elementary school children, going about her daily existence.

When asked if she felt her current popularity, Mimi, who is actively engaged in entertainment, grinned. I’m living my life feeling grateful for the entire planet, she remarked.

Mimi revealed, “I’m going to build a house. I’m saving up the first exclusive advertising income of my career for it. Everything is being put aside for it.

In addition, Mimi attracted attention when she retorted, “Luxury things just exists for a time,” in response to Hong Hyun-remark, hee’s “As you’ve been busier lately, you can merely talk about luxury goods.”

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