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Opinions On G-new Dragon’s Instagram Story Discussing The Current Itaewon Tragedy Are Split.

Opinions on G-most Dragon’s recent Instagram story discussing the Itaewon tragedy were split.

Following the terrible deaths of numerous young people in Itaewon, G-Dragon was one of many famous people who conveyed their sorrow. He posted a picture of a daisy flower loosing its petals on his own Instagram along with the message, “Pray for Itaewon…29.10.2022. While G-message Dragon’s appeared to be similar to other celebrities’ posts on the recent tragedy, which also expressed sympathy, many online users had differing thoughts about G-choice Dragon’s to include the image of a daisy blossom. This is due to the fact that the daisy blossom motif is well recognized as G-signature Dragon’s logo.

Some online users believed G-Dragon was being callous by adding his logo to a post about a horrible event. They penned:

“It appears that he is highlighting his brand through a horrible tragedy.”

Was he really required to use his logo?

Even this is regarded as art, right?

He probably views the passing of another individual as only another chance to display his identity.

It’s cheap of him to promote his brand like this.

Is there even a connection between a daisy and Itaewon?

Other online users believed that G-post Dragon’s was OK and made the following comments:

I genuinely had nothing to say about G-post, Dragon’s she said.

But what’s wrong with that?

I really don’t have any thoughts about this, you know.

It’s not like [G-Dragon] did anything, but everything feels unpleasant right now.

“Once more, people are complaining over something that isn’t really a huge deal.”

Just ignore him, I beg you.

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