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Park Bo-gum, Vata, And V. Urologists Who Discussed The “Genital Size” Of Male Celebrities

Following the publication of content that predicted the size of the genitalia of male celebrities, two urologists are in the news.
The Male Celebrity World Cup picked by urology physicians is a film that urologists A and B just posted to their YouTube account.

Several male celebrities’ true names were mentioned in the video. Along with BTS V, there were actors Park Bo-gum and Cha Eun-woo. OOO has a distinct T-zone, according to A and B, and I believe this feature on OOO’s face is larger.

The savagery of the two went beyond simply this. Content predicting the size of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” cast’s genitalia was also submitted to the video that was posted earlier on October 6. The statement “This individual may not be big” and “This person has lengthy limbs, hence there is a high possibility that he is big” were likewise made without hesitation.

Internet users are highlighting how uncomfortable it is. “You cross the line,” “You need to be sued for sexual harassment to wake up,” “No matter how much you say you are specialists, isn’t this ridiculous?” “How can you post such content?” “Are you doing this to promote your hospital?” were their responses.The YouTube channel’s production crew issued an apology as the uproar grew, saying, “We apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable. Additionally, we apologize to the hospital and the medical professionals who were harmed by the production team’s poor preparation. The contentious video was taken down.

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