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Park Jin Young Utilized All Of His Resources To Prevent The Takeover Of Hul JYP, Knetz Discuss

After Loen was sold to the Hong Kong-based private equity fund, which wanted to expand as an entertainment company, they proposed taking over JYP. Loen was the second-largest shareholder in JYP.
JYP repeatedly went through it before ultimately succeeding in listing via backdoor listing.

When Loen liquidated all of their JYP stock in 2014, the company was on the edge of bankruptcy.

The JYP building that belonged to Park Jin Young personally was sold. And he then purchased the JYP stocks.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. He’s so serious about JYP, he’s amazing

2. Seriously, JYP almost collapsed, but Park Jin Young built columns, GOT7 built walls, and TWICE roofed house to protect JYP..

3. Park Jin Young is so cool

4. Loen made a fuss about taking over JYP, but Park Jin Young saved JYP by selling the JYP building that belonged personally to him

5. Hul Loen is also a subsidiary of Kakao, right?

6. Then he bought the JYP stocks

7. At that time, Suzy was shooting commercials like crazy, 2PM were on tour in Japan for 2 years straight

8. It was a really big crisis for JYP

9. Park Jin Young even sold the JYP building…

10. Why does Kakao keep acquiring other entertainment companies?


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