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Pharrell Confirms That BTS Helped Him Create His Album “Phriends”

Pharrell acknowledged working with BTS on his “Phriends” album.

On November 1, the American musician and producer Pharrell spoke with BTS’s RM for a Rolling Stone interview. At the conclusion of the conversation, Pharrell stated that BTS will appear on his upcoming album “Phriends,” adding, “My project’s name is Friends, and Friends is the name of the record. Of course you guys are there. I know I’m talking about this a lot more than I should, but [BTS] did a wonderful version of a song from my album, and I’m really appreciative.”

I truly adore this song, R.M said in response. Pharrell went on to discuss his next solo album collaboration with R.M “Let me just state the obvious. You stated that your solo album is 90% complete. However, if you need me within that final 10%, you don’t need me, but I mean…” For 15 years, the BTS member said, “I always needed you.”

View the interview with R.M. and Pharrell above!

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