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Photos: ELLE’s 30th Years Anniversary, Knetz React

Knetizens Reactions:

1. GD and Jennie photograph so well

2. GD is insane
3. Wow… GD really knows how to take photoshoots
4. They’re all pretty but I have the feeling that a model is a model afterall from this..
5. GD photographs so well
6. Aside from Park Seojoon, they’re all good. Do they have a grudge against Park Seojun?
7. Park Seojoon always has the same face all the time
8. GD, Lee Sungkyung and Gong Yoo are freaking amazing… Especially GD, he’s so photogenic
9. Kim Goeun is crazy pretty
10. Jennie is so pretty and Gong Yoo looks the coolest


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