Photos: K-Netizens On NCT’s Jaehyun ‘Real Face’

I’m curious so I’ll post it I dyed my hair and looked better

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. A little bit of a laugh..ah… Because his expression is always expressionless… He looks like a kid who lives life without fun. Why don’t you laugh?? You have to smile to get lucky, if you’re like me, you’ll smile every day.

2. Even though he’s a real fan, he has a very coveted face.

3. He’s a fan and he’s really handsome.. Where the heck do the eyes of those who hide their faces go?

4. He’s on the verge of becoming a member of the public, but Jung Jaehyun is so overrated that he’s a man who even makes me think, can I even like him?

5. Until a while ago, I thought he was a john. The skeleton of the face… Hmm… It feels like something is getting bigger~ Especially the lower girth is not very good… I can’t even rub Cha Eun Woo…

6. I really don’t know.. It just doesn’t resemble Kim Min-ju, a female frog statue.

7. Prada reenactment

8. Cute

9. NCT lacks masculinity ;; Guys like Monsta X 2pm are getting more attention these days ㅠ

10. That’s a man’s face that’s worthy of praise..? Korean women suffer a lot


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