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Photos: Knetizens React To Aespa Karina Article Photos At Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Event

Knetz are reacting to Aespa Karina pictures at Yves Saint Laurent event..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, she resembles CG so much.

2. Long neck, small face, she’s really lovely

3. Well, she is quite attractive and appears to be modeling in these photos.

4. How can she still appear so lovely if those are the article photographs, I can’t believe it.

5. Your face is quite beautiful.

6. Although I believe they differ in appearance, Suzy can be seen

7. They appear different in my opinion, but Suzy can be seen in some images.

8. It resembles her launching her own brand rather than accepting an invitation to an event.

9. She looks great in that style.

10. She is attractive regardless of what she wears or does, but her makeup and outfit are flawless today.


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