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Photos: Mixed Feelings Amongst Knetizens After Seeing Jang Wonyoung Makeup To Knowing Bros

Knetz are discussing about new photos of IVE Jang Won-young, saying her makeup is weird and some says she looks pretty

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Her eyebrows are really weird. It’s just that your eyebrows are prettier. But the skin is very nice.

2. The outfit is okay haha It’s a pity I’m at a loss… But she’s still pretty, Princess Wonyoungin

3. Wow, she’s so pretty. I don’t like her makeup. I wish she could change the shop..

4. The baby is so pretty and cute, but the makeup

5. Wow, why the eyebrows,
Jang Won-young is so pretty

6. She’s pretty, but every time I look at her, her makeup looks really bad. I think sha can do it more naturally.

7. Wow, you are so pretty❤️❤️❤️ My coming angel TTTTTT Really Wonyoung is my energy these days, but how thick does her eyebrows look..? I didn’t know it in the other photos, but it stands out especially in the darkly shaded photos ㅠㅠ

8. Actually, I didn’t even care about eyebrows or anything until I saw it… Crazy, crazy, like the youngest daughter of a precious family

9. She’s skinny but her cheeks are chubby, so cute

10. She’s a real princess, the princess is so pretty


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