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‘Pretty’ Knetizens Comments On Suzy’s Recent Haircut

Knetz are reacting to new Suzy’s Haircut

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Suzy has a pretty face, but she’s pretty even without hair.

2. Suzy is really pretty.

3. The image looks different just by changing the hair style, but Suzy is Suzy. That doesn’t change.

4. No but what’s with her bangs? Can they do something about her side bangs?

5. Who is calling out “divided” opinions…? When she has Suzy’s face…
6. She looks pretty even unedited

7. Are people divided over like vs super-like?

8. I think that Suzy is the prettiest female idol in all history

9. I like it so much. She’s straight up Lee Doona

10. Pretty


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