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Rapper Nafla Also Caught Workong With A Broker To Evade Military Service, Knetz Discuss

The circumstances in which popular rapper Nafla (real name Choi Seok-bae) attempted to dodge military service while working as a social worker were discovered by prosecutors looking into corruption in the military service for those with epilepsy, and they opened an investigation.

The Military Corruption Investigation Team of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office is verifying and looking into the circumstances under which rapper Nafla attempted to avoid military duty by collaborating with a military service broker named Goo while working as a social worker. Feb. 20, 2021

Nafla was hired as a social worker at the Seocho-gu Office, and while working there, he was accused of trying to avoid military service by requesting a divided service that repeatedly postponed his service in order to receive treatment for conditions like depression. As a result, he was found to be unfit for duty. It exists. It was discovered that Nafla filed two applications for service disqualification and postponed his duty on seven times for a total of nearly 18 months between 2021 and 2022. He was not determined to be unfit for service, it was discovered. The inquiry is still ongoing, but prosecutors believe that broker Koo—who was previously detained and charged—actively interfered and took advantage of the divided service to orchestrate Nafla’s attempt to avoid military duty. It was previously known that the prosecution had searched and confiscated documents from the Seocho-gu Office on the 30th of the previous month in order to gather information about Nafla’s military service. According to reports, the prosecution once looked into Nafla’s suspected attempt to avoid performing military service.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Anyone who still thinks hip hop is cool… you’d do best to do your research before stanning these guys

2. Guys like him should be given separate sentences in jail and additionally military jail

3. I used to think he was a genius after listening to his song ‘Wu’ but he’s been causing scandal after scandal ever since… what a waste of his talent and skills

4. Why is it that rappers are always the ones doing everything you’re not supposed to

5.Well, that’s embarrassing

6. He was already serving in public service instead of active duty,which is as good as it usually gets, and he was still trying to get out of serving that, too?

7. There is nothing cool about hip hop

8. From drugs to evading service… tsk People like him will never know how embarrassing his life is..

9. Please don’t talk about swag from now on unless you’ve served in the army…

10. There’s something about people with sanpaku eyes like him that seem psycho


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