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Ravn Formally Leaves ONEUS Following Accusations Of Infidelity And Gaslighting

Following accusations of your ex-girlfriend. As a result, ONEUS’ label, RBW Entertainment, announced the group would be promoting as a 5 member unit for the time being.

On October 27, RBW Entertainment made known that Ravn had made the decision to depart the band. Here is a link to the complete statement.

“This is RBW Entertainment, good day. We sincerely appreciate the support that fans have shown for the group ONEUS, and we are informing you of the departure of RAVN with a heavy heart.

Ravn expressed concern about the harm it was doing to the ONEUS members and supporters on this matter, and he voluntarily opted to leave the group. We made the decision to accept his perspective on the voluntary withdrawal after thoughtful deliberation with the members. Ravn has therefore formally left the organization as of today.

In the future, ONEUS intends to operate as a five-person group. In addition to Ravn’s withdrawal, we have found malicious editing and untrue rumors in articles about Ravn as we prepare to file a lawsuit to make clear the truth. The corporation and the artists will also be the targets of stern legal action against indiscriminate personal insults. Whether or not the post was accurate, we also feel accountable for the gaps in our artist management.

We truly regret that a matter involving our artist’s private life has worried so many people. We hope for a great deal of interest in and support for ONEUS’s endeavors in the future, and we humbly apologize once more for worrying the fans “public service announcement

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