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“Really Dry But Great Lines” BLACKPINK Rosé St-Laurent Dinner Party Pictures, Knetz React

Blackpink Rosé look so pretty with her skinny body… Knetizens are talking about it…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. A real Rosé looks classy apart from being pretty. A person’s atmosphere and aura are just so classy..

2. Wow, she has white skin and she’s tall, so the atmosphere reminds me of that old Mikol Kidman.

3. Goddess mode activated today

4. Maybe it’s because she has gained weight, so her pelvic line is so pretty

5. She was born with thin skin. The white one is also white, but the skin is completely white and clean with no pores at all.

6. Really dry but great line

7. It’s classy, it looks like a real Yves Saint Laurent model

8. Wow, BLACKPINK really has a different class.. Even if you’re a Hollywood actor, it’s hard to digest unless you’re a model fit.. A group with both talent and stardom

9. You really have a Coke bottle body, so pretty Rosé

10. To be honest, it’s weird just looking at the clothes, but Rosé seems to have loved it well lol.


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