Reason Aespa Ningning Didn’t Leave For France, Knetz Curious

SM said, “Today, Aespa set off to attend the GIVENCHY fashion show in Paris, France. But NingNing could not depart with the members because of some visa approval issues”


On the 30th of last month, SM Entertainment, Espa’s agency, said, “Espa left for the Givenchy fashion show in Paris, France, but Ning-Ning could not leave the country due to visa approval problems.”

He continued, “Ning Ning will participate in the schedule as soon as visa approval is confirmed, so we ask for your understanding.”

Ningning also left a note to his Chinese fans. He said, “It’s not something I can decide on a visa,” he said.

Except for Ning Ning, Espa members Karina, Giselle and Winter headed to Paris, France, using Incheon International Airport to attend the Givenchy fashion show. Among the Espa working as Givenchy ambassadors, only Ning Ning could not be found, leaving a question mark.

France is a country known to have strict procedures for entry visas for Chinese nationals. In the case of Korea, it is possible to enter France without a visa. An airline official said, “In the case of France, the entry restrictions for Chinese people due to Corona 19 were completely lifted as of August 1st.

Victoria, a former Chinese member of f(x), explained in a story behind the SM Town concert in June 2011, “When I came to Paris, it was difficult to get a visa because I was not Korean.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s because she’s a Chinese member, you can understand if you look at what China is doing right now

2. I’m glad I’m Korean. I love my parents!

3. If you are Chinese, you will understand

4. She seems so proud that she’s Chinese, but she must be feeling bad now

5. Korean passport is amazing

6. Please don’t debut Chinese members in K-pop groups

7. By now, I understand that Korean passport is so precious

8. I wish France would not allow Chinese people to enter

9. Isn’t it because she’s Chinese?

10. Korea’s passport power is so strong


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