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Reason Why BTS Jungkook Memorizes All The Lyrics That Aren’t His Part, Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are reacting to how BTS Jungkook memorizes all the lyrics that doesn’t belong to him and reason why he did it.


Jungkook says that he can memorize almost all BTS songs, even rap, so he
’s known as BTS’ ‘lyric bot’ Years In the review of the previous studio, there were stories of members asking Jungkook when he couldn’t remember the lyrics.

The members are seen confirming with Jungkook if their lyrics are correct

Jungkook personally explained it is because he records all the chorus parts to most BTS songs

Jungkook, the main vocal of BTS
Since their debut album, he has been in charge of the chorus of most BTS songs, and his name has been listed in the chorus in the songs’ credits

RM’s tweet that Jungkook’s guidance is essential when working on a song

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, it’s weird how J-Hope makes chords on the spot

2. HYBE needs to treat Jungkook well… I have a lot to say… But I can only commend Jungkook for his hard work

3. Idols like Jungkook are rare. He’s really talented and sincere, he’s the golden maknae

4. When listening to BTS songs, Jungkook’s choruses are so interesting

5. BTS has 3 rap members so the rap lyrics are terrible (whether in English or Korean), Jungkook is amazing

6.Jungkook is just a genius

7. He dances well, sings well and is good at everything

8. He’s really good, Jungkook’s chorus makes the song richer ㅠㅠ

9. Jungkook is doing so well. Thank you so much for making BTS songs richer and more special

10. Jungkook is the pride of ARMYs


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