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Red Velvet’s Seulgi once started crying by herself while attempting to correct disobedient junior trainees.

Seulgi from Red Velvet, known for her gentle demeanor, was unable to chastise her underlings even as a trainee.
Every K-pop idol goes through rigorous training before making their debut. There are idols that developed sensitive traits while they lived as trainees without knowing when they would make their debut. Additionally, because middle and high school students hang out and live together all day, a “military discipline culture” develops.

On the YouTube program “No Prepare,” TXT’s Soobin once disclosed that there was a rigid hierarchy while he was a trainee. Even though he was only one year older than the senior trainees, he remembered needing to show them respect.

Seulgi from Red Velvet, on the other hand, was so lovely and kind-hearted that she was unable to express her anger at the younger trainees in a healthy way.

Seulgi recently made a special appearance on the October 8th episode of the YouTube web series “Neighborhood Star K2,” during which she spoke with MC Jonathan and discussed her days as a trainee.

Seulgi spent over 7 years as a trainee at SM Entertainment. I trained for many years, she added. I therefore had the most experience when I made my debut.
One instance saw Seulgi being irate over certain trainees who were lax. If you guys keep acting like this, you won’t be able to debut, Seulgi thought she should warn them. The most crucial period of your life is now.

Seulgi is soft-hearted, so when she felt enraged with the trainees, her heart weakened. You can’t do that, she finally exclaimed while sobbing aloud in private.

“It was an extremely significant point in history. Seulgi gave an explanation of why she was trying to correct other trainees, saying, “If they fail here, they have to choose another road in their lives.”

After hearing what Seulgi had to say, MC Jonathan retorted that the junior trainees must have understood her honesty.

Seulgi made his Red Velvet debut in 2014 with the release of the first single album, “Happiness.” Since then, she has gained popularity for her work with GOT the Beat and the Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi subgroup.

On October 4th, Seulgi officially debuted as a solo artist by releasing the short album “28 Reasons.” Seulgi is regarded as the ideal “all-rounder” due to her dancing, singing, and visuals.

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