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Seems Hyun Gyu And Haeun’s Relationship Will Last Long, Knetz Gossip

Both of them seem to be very considerate of the other party when dating so I don’t even think that they will ever fight… one of my friend is acquainted with someone close to Hyun Gyu and that person already knew that the two were dating. They said that they were having a fucking pretty relationship so I don’t think that there’s anything to worry about. I think that they will have a long-running pretty relationship

Knetizens Reactions:

1. But Hyungyu is a U1 so it’s a bit ambiguous. Once Hyungyu graduates, Hae Eun will turn 33…

2. Everything about them is compatible but I’m indeed a bit hung up on the fact that Hyun Gyu is this young
3. He’s in his late 20’s so you don’t have to worry too much.. it’s not like he seems to be in a financially difficult environment and he seems to be going for studies + having a start-up on the side. If he manages his future well, there won’t be any issue… Because of re-admissions, study leaves, etc.. mroe than a third of students are not that young
4. Seriously, interfering with others’ relationships is just so cringe
5. You teen motae-solos, what do you have to say about others’ marriage?… There are numerous people who date in university and break up so stop acting oba. Why bring up marriage already?

6. They’ve only met each other for 7 days and have been dating secretly for 6 months which already proves your point.

7. If one of them doesn’t make any mistake, even marriage is possible.

8. Hyungyu is a straight guy and smart, so I know it’s not easy to meet someone who has both a face and a physical personality like Haeun, and Haeun is also a completely pure girl.


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