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“Seems No Passion Again” Knetz React To BLACKPINK Rosé Choreography Mistakes

Rosé’s choreography mistakes are severe

It would have been better if she just sang

What is this?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She really can’t dance…

2. She was waving her wings

3. I was so embarrassed when I saw these gifs

4. She still dances better than Jisoo. It’s just that Jisoo can’t dance

5. She just needs to sing

6. Hey, Rosé is good at dancing and singing too

7. Except for Lisa, none of the members can dance. Their fans always talk about their vibes and it’s just funny

8. Jisoo’s dancing is seriously hilarious

9. She doesn’t seem to have much passion for singers anymore

10. To be honest, Lisa is a scammer, she can dance and sing well.


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