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“Seems To Be Dating” NCT Taeil Follows WJSN SeolA On Instagram, Knetz Curious

Knetizens are thinking about NCT Taeil dating SeolA because he follows her on Instagram

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You two seem to be dating.

2. They’re human too, so you can date them.

3. Is Taeil really good at that song?

4. All NCT, please delete your Instagram

5. What’s funnier is that nobody will suspect them of dating… Why would SeolA date Taeil?

6. I knew it was a mistake, but he should have been more careful.. What crime did the female idol commit?

7. No, but I think she looks like Jungwoo

8. He probably pressed it by accident, it’s just normal

9. Shouldn’t they be careful about mistakes or whatever? The other NCT members are always like that too

10. Even when Taeil gets married, fans don’t seem to react


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